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About DMP

At Direct Mail Processing, LLC (“DMP”) we deliver Direct Response processing solutions that help companies achieve strategic goals, improve productivity, and streamline business operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help our clients achieve competitive advantage.

At our core, DMP facilitates end-to-end Mail Processing services driving direct marketing efforts for clients in any industry. Logistics and supply chains are nothing new. But they are becoming more complex and presenting companies with new challenges. Leveraging our processing expertise, DMP facilitates the direct mail process to help our clients achieve their objectives.


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Why Us?

Increased Business Productivity
Outsourcing mail processing services to DMP helps you increase your business productivity while significantly reducing operating costs.

Increased ROI
Our commercial solutions are designed to help businesses increase ROI and minimize costs while better servicing their customers.

Increased Quality and Service
Partner with a processor that understands your business. We stand behind you with the highest levels of quality, service and exactly the amount of operational and technical support you need. 



DMP's direct mail commercial solutions enable businesses to outsource select services through our proven network of vendor partners and ensure the best results.

Direct Response

Scanning and Data


Depending on the volume of mail that your organization engages in Direct Mail Response processing can require significant resources to accomplish whether it is a single campaign or ongoing basis. DMP facilitates your direct mail response needs by coordinating pickup, mail processing, and delivery services for your direct mail programs as well as document recycling.

No company can afford to lose valuable records. However, maintaining paper records is not only a cumbersome task but also takes up valuable storage space. DMP helps you with resources to preserve the data – by carrying out document scanning services, de-duplication, document indexing, customer and enterprise data management.

Unwanted marketing offers run the risk of alienating consumers or leaving a bad impression about a company’s products or services. DMP opt-out services provide businesses a way to improve customer relationships and reduce marketing costs by offering consumers a way to remove their names from marketing campaigns for unwanted products and services.

Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a popular, targeted, and versatile marketing strategy that has many benefits for businesses and consumers. As digital marketing has flourished in the age of technology, direct mail has continued to be a critical component of any cohesive marketing campaign. In fact, recent surveys by the USPS show that millennials are as interested or more in direct mail as previous generations, and direct mail campaigns are shown to have stronger impression on consumers than their digital counterparts.


For Businesses

Benefits of Direct Mail

  • Direct mail can be highly targeted and personalized to the audience. 
  • Targeted campaigns have a strong ROI which translates into lower advertising and acquisition costs for businesses 
  • The ROI on direct mail is easy to measure without complicated analysis
  • Direct mail is versatile, and can be a stand-alone marketing approach or part of a broader program
  • Direct mail is easy to execute and does not require specialized skills or large technology investments
  • For information on the benefits and uses of direct mail for client acquisition, engagement, and retention visit the USPS website
  • Personal and private. Mail creates a one-to-one communication between you and a customer
  • People remember direct mail longer than a digital advertisement

For Consumers

Benefits of Direct Mail

  • Direct mail is often seen as a less intrusive form of advertising other methods such as telephone sales calls
  • In general, people report that they enjoy getting mail. It is delivered right to your home, is informative, and is easily kept as a future reference
  • Direct mail can be highly targeted, and targeted campaigns means that consumers are presented with more relevant products and less unwanted solicitations
  • Direct mail is a familiar and versatile format that is easy to understand
  • Unlike digital, direct mail is accessible all people in the US regardless of their income level or access to internet connection 
  • Personal and private. Mail creates a one-to-one communication between you and a business

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